Here is the team crazy and passionate enough to take on the challenge, to change an industry. Our chosen weapons being; creativity, passion and hard graft.



If he's not out running or biking he can be found either making, packing or selling Fori bars. From a wondering thought, during an ultra marathon Fori was born. Now, almost 18 months later it is a reality thanks to stubbornness, inventiveness and good fortune.


Tudor Gillham - Photographer

Never without his camera or a random fact. Tudor is the person responsible for telling our story, capturing the journey and making sure we do it right. Tudor and Hannah run their own design company - Yoke Creative based in Cardiff.

Hannah Mason - Designer

Ridiculously talented and possibly the nicest person you will ever meet. If you love Fori, it's because of this lady. The authentic look is down to the fact that Hannah has hand-drawn virtually every single letter, icon, illustration and full stop.

P.S. If you would like to join us on our adventure, get in touch. However, please note the hours will be long and the pay minimal (for the short-term anyway) but it will be one hell of an adventure!