Change happens from the edges. So from the foothills of the Welsh mountains we plan to disrupt. Our fight is against compromising health for convenience. we shall defend your right for superior sustenance when you need it most. Then, if we can only scrape a living, it will be a living worth scraping.

We plan to change the snack food industry forever. Our passion is to smash the idea that you need an over processed, artificial or sugar infused snack to get you through your adventure and to replace it with natural nutrition.

Our mission is simple in essence, but huge in scope. We want to change the way people snack. Providing healthy, natural, long lasting energy when you need it most, without compromise.

No compromise on ingredients. No compromise on effect. No compromise on your lifestyle. We’re bringing back old recipes, with a new twist. Recipes that the native Americans created, food that Shackleton ate on his voyages, that explorers have eaten for hundreds of years.

A story of passion and persistence

A story of passion and persistence. Carl Austin, founded Fori with the ambition to change the way you snack. With no experience in food manufacturing but a good idea and self-confessed naïve enthusiasm, he launched Fori in August 2015. Fortunately his gut feeling was matched by demand, unfortunately it vastly exceeded his humble production facility.

Consequently, the difficult decision was taken to stop selling the bars, revisit the drawing board and build a business that could support the long-term vision. If he was to change an industry he would need to work with a company that had the experience and infrastructure to make it happen. So he joined forces with Dawn Meats, a large family business with similar values, but a proven history in food manufacturing and animal welfare. After all, it is better to try and influence the market from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Now backed, by Dawn Meats, Fori is back, bigger and better. The revolution is just getting started. We have spent the past 10 months locked away in the factory and have emerged with a product that is superior in every way to the original.