Welcome to Fori

"Welcome to Fori", - That's three words we've wanted to say for a long-time! It has been one hell of a ride just getting to the starting line. Now we can't wait to see where this adventure takes us and you.

18 months in the making, our mission is to fuel your adventure by providing superior sustenance on the go.

Why we're different:

  • We're like you; adventurers, foodies and craft beer drinkers
  • Unlike other food manufacturers we give a f**k about our animals, farmers & ingredients
  • We don't hide anything. Our label is as transparent as we are
  • We're small (<3 people), privately funded & British

Why should you pre-order?

Firstly, you will get an amazing discount and some great stash! Secondly, it will send out a message that you're not content with the sugar infused, chemically laden crap that's currently available. Thirdly, it will allow us to forecast, hire a few people to help with production and help us get out on the road sooner!

What you should expect!

Uncompromising honesty, passion and love for what we do. If we can scrape a living making Fori bars it will be a living worth scraping for! Over the forthcoming weeks we will be updating the Journal on a regular basis so please keep in touch. #devourandconquer