Love British Food


Backing British was never a question for us. It was a necessity, that we would use 100% British meat within our products from farmers we knew and trusted.

Next time you pick-up a meat snack, check the ingredients list and see if you can find the country of origin for the meat. You'll be surprised how few actually use British meat. Imported meat may be cheaper but it comes at an added cost to the environment and more often than not, animal welfare.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Therefore we hope that by raising the standards, eventually the rest of the market will follow. So when we discovered Love British Food we knew that this was an initiative we must be involved with to help spread our message further.


Love British Food is the leading promoter of buying British,  highlighting the importance of buying local.

We are currently at a time where the importance of backing British farming and eating British food is more important than ever.

Teaming up with Love British Food is something that we are incredibly excited about and we can’t wait to get involved with projects throughout the year, particularly our first British Food Fortnight.

Make sure to check us out on their website and social media channels soon and see how you can use the power of our wallet to make a difference and buy British. #LoveBritishFood.


More Than A Meat Bar


To mark World Innovation Day I thought I'd trawl the archives. In the hope that I could inspire you to take a leap of faith.

Dreams are the most profound when they seem the most crazy. Co-incidentally, I was told I was crazy, when I first met with the head of innovation at the Food Centre Wales in 2014. With no knowledge of food production, I was convinced there was an opportunity for an ambient meat bar. I refer to it as the naively optimistic years!

The interview in the short edit below was filmed back in 2015. I was on the verge of launching a Kickstarter campaign for an idea called Fori. One thing that still rings true, three years later, is the ambition to be more than a meat snack, to kick start a revolution. A movement towards snacking on real food and away from sugar laden treats we're misled to believing are healthy.

A revolution never dies.

Through thick and thin, our mission is the one thing that drives our business forward. I can't wait to reveal what we have in store for 2018. This revolution is only just getting started.

Into the void






A Lidl Adventure


We're here to disrupt, to change a market and save you from crap snacks. So when the grocery giant Lidl, said they were interested in stocking Fori we jumped at the chance!

For the next month, our superior sustenance will be stocked in 350 Lidl stores nationwide. Meaning you can pick up and stock up, during your weekly shop.


Of course, it's not conventional for a start-up food brand to launch with Lidl. But we're not a conventional start-up. We want to influence change, and arguably, Lidl has done this more than any other grocery retailer in the UK! So we're grateful to Lidl for the opportunity, to lead the charge and make snacking better for everyone.


Lessons learned and future plans


Reflecting back on 2017 has been cathartic. Those victories that we overlooked amidst the mania of running a food start-up soon add up.

80k Fori bars were consumed, we exhibited at 6 major trade shows in 3 countries, won 4 awards for innovation and increased our small but perfectly formed team by 50% (from 2 to 3!).

Sunset from the Rhigos (1).jpg

We're not a conventional food start-up, but that suits us. Because we're not a conventional product nor do we have realistic expectations (self-imposed). We have a long-term vision and we know it's not going to be easy but we laid great foundations in 2017.

Did we get close to our forecasts? NO! Do we know a lot more than we did 12 months ago? YES! Success can be measured in many ways. We know, one day, we will hit that forecast but for now, we're learning, evolving and grafting.


2017 taught us some valuable lessons, that can only be gained through experience and being in the midst of a food start-up. Our experiences were from the sublime to the ridiculous. Seeing the bars in Whole Foods for the first time, recruiting a small but awesome team and receiving emails from people who've used our bars to fuel their adventures are just a few of the things to make us feel really proud. As for the ridiculous, witnessing a person washdown protein powder with Redbull at BodyPower or being asked for £10k+ listing fees / marketing contributions makes you realise the challenge we face. 

For us, 2018 is all about evolution. We want to disrupt, to change the snacking landscape for the better and for the future. Starting next week, we will be one step closer, to our vision of making superior sustenance convenient and affordable when our bars become available in Nisa and Lidl. Then in early Spring we will be launching several new flavours and formats which will really shake things up. Please, keep in touch and join us for the ride, it's going to be one hell of an adventure!




Recently we took a trip across the boarder to meet Tim Bastard from Tregada Farm. Nestled in the beautiful North Cornwall countryside, Tregada is one of a handful of farms to supply our beef.

A second generation farmer, Tim, has worked at Tregada his entire life and it shows. After five minutes in his company you're at ease and so are his cattle. His passion for the land, animals and work is infectious.


Tregada Farm is home to 150 South Devon cattle, the largest native breed in the UK and according to Tim, they're possibly the most docile in the UK as well. Out to graze during the summer and housed when necessary during the harsh winter months, they live a content life. The cattle are fed a grass-based diet with locally sourced natural supplemental feeds added when necessary (also grown at Tregada).




When we were playing about with ideas for Fori, the Paleo diet was nothing more than an emerging health trend from the US. Adopted by the fanatical few it had very little awareness, less understanding and just a handful of products were available. Fast forward a few years and we're delighted to see that courtesy of Healthy Perspective it now has its own Paleo Awards and we've been shortlisted for the best Paleo snack.

Now, had the Paleo Awards shortlist been announced a couple of years ago we would have been smugger than Mayweather ahead of his $80M payout. However, this year the field is stacked with some awesome competition. The Paleo tide / Tsunami is rising and we're proud to be part of it!

The standard is phenomenally high across the board but the snacking category is a real pool of death! We're up against everything from the delectable Ape Snacks coconut bites and the sophisticated Wildings duck crackling to the fun and tasty Mr Yeti hand squished bars.


Strong competition we may have, but we like to think we offer something a bit special. We're the UK's first meat bar and the only product that truly offers superior sustenance, packing a whopping 20g of protein into every bar whilst the keeping sugars low and flavors high.

The overall winner will be chosen based 50:50 on the number of votes received and the opinions of an expert judging panel. Entries close on the 1st of October. Thanks for supporting our revolution!


Best Sports & Active Nutrition Product Award


We've been on a roll recently, picking up awards from IFE and Free From, however, this is our first European award and our first in sports nutrition!

On face value you may not consider Fori as a "sports and active nutrition product", but look a bit deeper and we're the perfect snack. High in protein, convenient, portable and all natural Fori matches the needs of the modern athlete.

Whilst other sports nutrition manufacturers are striving to be more natural we inherently are and this struck a chord with Bridge2Food, Europe's' most prestigious food network who awarded us their Best Sports & Active Nutrition Product.

Judge, Claire Nuttall (Founder The Brand Incubator): “These meat snacks were natural tasting, convenient and very simply so much more foodie and appetising than many meat snacking options out on the market.  Most competitive alternatives seem to target teenagers and the out and out starving looking for fodder, these meat snacking bars brought something different and more aspirational to the category.  Adding chia seeds, innovative healthy ingredients makes all the difference to making a good product, great.”

One of our biggest motivations for creating Fori was to provide athletes with a healthier snacking solution, one that was savoury and not full of additives or sugars. We're delighted to see that the mind-set is shifting back towards whole foods and the recognition from Bridge2Food is testimony to this. Welcome to the real food revolution!

It was a big ask picking up this award but someone had to do it!  




Long before we even conceived the idea for Fori, we walked the aisles of Whole Foods Market stores dreaming one day of producing a product good enough to sit on their shelves. Well, we've done it!

HOW? By ultimately sharing the same beliefs and having a passionate team that never accepted impossible as an answer. We are uncompromising with the quality of our ingredients and utterly committed to animal welfare. The key to superior sustenance is not what you add, but what you takeaway.

Fori bars are additive & preservative free

Inspired by the Paleo diet, we wanted to create an all natural savoury meat snack. This was not an easy task, meat snacks are traditionally loaded with additives and preservatives such as Sodium Nitrate / Nitrite, Citric Acid and MSG, however we just use heat and innovative packaging to preserve our bars.

Fori bars whole foods


We strongly believe that a happier and healthier animal creates a superior product and so do Whole Foods Market. All suppliers must be audited and step rated before they can supply meat to them. This is referred to as the 5-Step Animal Welfare Programme and is unique to Whole Foods Market.  Consequently, the meat in our bars is to the same standards as the meat in their butchery counter.

Progressing up the 5-Step levels means:

  • More space
  • Enriched environment
  • Longer life
  • Ability to express natural behaviour
  • In short, a better life

Fori bars are currently stocked in their High Street Kensington, Picaddilly, Richmond, Fulham, Cheltenham and Giffnock stores. To find the closest outlet to you click here. Over the next few weeks and months our team of awesome sampling ninjas will be positioned across the stores so please stop by and try some of our superior sustenance!


The Revolution Never Dies


If you really, really, want something, you can figure out how to make it happen. Trust us. It just took a little longer to figure it out than expected.

Food manufacturing is serious business. One that requires, deep pockets, experience, determination, imagination and an unwavering will to succeed. 3 out of 5 wasn't a bad start but if we wanted to scale we needed help. Our initial success stoked the Fori fire and we were hungry for more.

Fortunately, as fate would have it, we found the perfect manufacturing partner on our door-step. Consequently, we spent the past year stripping back every facet of Fori to its bare-bones and rebuilt it. From the fields on which our animals graze to the machinery used to create our bars we have improved and cemented our new foundations.

We now have a complete supply chain, from the farmer, to the butcher and into the kitchen and as a result, a vastly superior product. The new range tastes freaking amazing, has unrivaled Paleo inspired ingredients and we've packed the bars with a whopping 20g of complete proteins!

The revolution is coming (BACK)

We will be back in business by the 1st of Septempber (at the latest!). So keep an eye-out for pre-launch samples of our new flavours and early bird offers. If you'd like to join us on our revolution to make superior sustenance convenient get in touch now. We're scouring our social networks for the best and bravest #devourandconquer.