What is the Paleo Diet?


You may have noticed our bars say; Paleo inspired. So the two obvious questions are, what does Paleo mean and why are our bars just "inspired"?

The Paleo diet (we hate the term diet - but that's for another journal post!) is built on the belief that the human body is better suited to the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors. Although this logic is questionable the diet has been largely popularised by CrossFit athletes. However one thing that is not questionable is that the Paleo diet has thankfully focused attention on avoiding eating processed foods. Something that is not as easy as you would assume.

It’s speculated that our modern, post agricultural revolution diet, featuring grains, dairy and processed foods is more difficult for our bodies to digest and consequently comes with some pretty hefty side-effects; obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In general, Paleo diet(s) follow these principles; eat more nutrient rich whole foods like meat, fish, vegetables, seed and nuts. Meanwhile avoid grains, sugar, dairy, legumes and processed foods. For a comprehensive list check out this blog by Paleo Hacks.

So why would you go Paleo, sound’s hard right?

The major benefit for us, is that it challenged us to question what we were putting in our bodies and to focus on real food first. Is that protein bar really necessary? Do I need another shake? After all, healthy eating is ignoring the “diets”, the “industry” and listening to your body while getting back to basics with whole, real food.

The Paleo diet isn’t as restrictive as it first seems and with a bit of culinary creativity you will quickly find yourself filling in the gaps left by dairy and processed foods. Once you've mastered the recipes, the major Eureka moment is the realisation that not all calories are created equal (again - another time, another journal).

Here are a few sites we use for RECIPE inspiration:

Our Paleo Principles - Paleo INSPIRED

Our raison d’etre it to smash the idea that you need an over processed, artificial or sugar infused snack to get you through your day and to replace it with natural nutrition. The inspiration for creating the Fori bar was the Paleo diet, primarily for it's focus on eating real food. However, we soon discovered the greatest challenge to eating real food is snacking. So we set ourselves the mission to provide superior sustenance in a convenient format without compromise.

Inspired by the Paleo diet, we follow the principles however we don’t preach the virtues and strongly believe that you can achieve the same results through exercise and a balanced healthy diet. For us it’s a lifestyle choice rather than a diet.

Our bars say Paleo inspired because that's exactly what they are. The ingredients match the Paleo diet guidelines but if challenged we'd struggle to argue the case that our bars would have been available to even the most commercial of cavemen.

Finally, it’s important to note that there are no long-term clinical studies about the benefits and potential risks of the Paleo diet.