Best Sports & Active Nutrition Product Award


We've been on a roll recently, picking up awards from IFE and Free From, however, this is our first European award and our first in sports nutrition!

On face value you may not consider Fori as a "sports and active nutrition product", but look a bit deeper and we're the perfect snack. High in protein, convenient, portable and all natural Fori matches the needs of the modern athlete.

Whilst other sports nutrition manufacturers are striving to be more natural we inherently are and this struck a chord with Bridge2Food, Europe's' most prestigious food network who awarded us their Best Sports & Active Nutrition Product.

Judge, Claire Nuttall (Founder The Brand Incubator): “These meat snacks were natural tasting, convenient and very simply so much more foodie and appetising than many meat snacking options out on the market.  Most competitive alternatives seem to target teenagers and the out and out starving looking for fodder, these meat snacking bars brought something different and more aspirational to the category.  Adding chia seeds, innovative healthy ingredients makes all the difference to making a good product, great.”

One of our biggest motivations for creating Fori was to provide athletes with a healthier snacking solution, one that was savoury and not full of additives or sugars. We're delighted to see that the mind-set is shifting back towards whole foods and the recognition from Bridge2Food is testimony to this. Welcome to the real food revolution!

It was a big ask picking up this award but someone had to do it!