Long before we even conceived the idea for Fori, we walked the aisles of Whole Foods Market stores dreaming one day of producing a product good enough to sit on their shelves. Well, we've done it!

HOW? By ultimately sharing the same beliefs and having a passionate team that never accepted impossible as an answer. We are uncompromising with the quality of our ingredients and utterly committed to animal welfare. The key to superior sustenance is not what you add, but what you takeaway.

Fori bars are additive & preservative free

Inspired by the Paleo diet, we wanted to create an all natural savoury meat snack. This was not an easy task, meat snacks are traditionally loaded with additives and preservatives such as Sodium Nitrate / Nitrite, Citric Acid and MSG, however we just use heat and innovative packaging to preserve our bars.

Fori bars whole foods


We strongly believe that a happier and healthier animal creates a superior product and so do Whole Foods Market. All suppliers must be audited and step rated before they can supply meat to them. This is referred to as the 5-Step Animal Welfare Programme and is unique to Whole Foods Market.  Consequently, the meat in our bars is to the same standards as the meat in their butchery counter.

Progressing up the 5-Step levels means:

  • More space
  • Enriched environment
  • Longer life
  • Ability to express natural behaviour
  • In short, a better life

Fori bars are currently stocked in their High Street Kensington, Picaddilly, Richmond, Fulham, Cheltenham and Giffnock stores. To find the closest outlet to you click here. Over the next few weeks and months our team of awesome sampling ninjas will be positioned across the stores so please stop by and try some of our superior sustenance!