Lessons learned and future plans


Reflecting back on 2017 has been cathartic. Those victories that we overlooked amidst the mania of running a food start-up soon add up.

80k Fori bars were consumed, we exhibited at 6 major trade shows in 3 countries, won 4 awards for innovation and increased our small but perfectly formed team by 50% (from 2 to 3!).

Sunset from the Rhigos (1).jpg

We're not a conventional food start-up, but that suits us. Because we're not a conventional product nor do we have realistic expectations (self-imposed). We have a long-term vision and we know it's not going to be easy but we laid great foundations in 2017.

Did we get close to our forecasts? NO! Do we know a lot more than we did 12 months ago? YES! Success can be measured in many ways. We know, one day, we will hit that forecast but for now, we're learning, evolving and grafting.


2017 taught us some valuable lessons, that can only be gained through experience and being in the midst of a food start-up. Our experiences were from the sublime to the ridiculous. Seeing the bars in Whole Foods for the first time, recruiting a small but awesome team and receiving emails from people who've used our bars to fuel their adventures are just a few of the things to make us feel really proud. As for the ridiculous, witnessing a person washdown protein powder with Redbull at BodyPower or being asked for £10k+ listing fees / marketing contributions makes you realise the challenge we face. 

For us, 2018 is all about evolution. We want to disrupt, to change the snacking landscape for the better and for the future. Starting next week, we will be one step closer, to our vision of making superior sustenance convenient and affordable when our bars become available in Nisa and Lidl. Then in early Spring we will be launching several new flavours and formats which will really shake things up. Please, keep in touch and join us for the ride, it's going to be one hell of an adventure!