We're back for good!


Over the past 10 months we've been hustling to make the best bars we can. So what has changed?

Nothing and everything

Our mission to produce superior sustenance hasn't changed. However, our bars have been completely reinvented. No longer dehydrated, we now use alternative time-honored cooking processes to create our revolutionary bars.

Per bar, we've improved the protein content from 14g to 20g, reduced the levels of salt and sugar, increased the size from 45g to 69g and dramatically improved the taste. Our bars taste incredible and unlike anything else on the UK market. Tasting really is believing. On that note check out our Explorer Pack.

Our unwavering commitment to being Paleo friendly meant we pushed the boundaries even further. We have removed all additives and sourced the cleanest ingredients we can. Our meat is British and either grass-fed or free range. Our dried fruit is free from E-numbers and only the cranberries are preserved with pineapple sugar. Finally, our seasonings are free from starch and soy (not as easy as you think).

Over the next week we will be counting our stocks and preparing our first shipments. Meanwhile, we will be back enforce on social as we're now free from the shackles of the factory.

Can't wait to start fueling your adventures! It feels so good to be back, thanks for waiting, you've been our raison d'etre.