The Revolution Never Dies


If you really, really, want something, you can figure out how to make it happen. Trust us. It just took a little longer to figure it out than expected.

Food manufacturing is serious business. One that requires, deep pockets, experience, determination, imagination and an unwavering will to succeed. 3 out of 5 wasn't a bad start but if we wanted to scale we needed help. Our initial success stoked the Fori fire and we were hungry for more.

Fortunately, as fate would have it, we found the perfect manufacturing partner on our door-step. Consequently, we spent the past year stripping back every facet of Fori to its bare-bones and rebuilt it. From the fields on which our animals graze to the machinery used to create our bars we have improved and cemented our new foundations.

We now have a complete supply chain, from the farmer, to the butcher and into the kitchen and as a result, a vastly superior product. The new range tastes freaking amazing, has unrivaled Paleo inspired ingredients and we've packed the bars with a whopping 20g of complete proteins!

The revolution is coming (BACK)

We will be back in business by the 1st of Septempber (at the latest!). So keep an eye-out for pre-launch samples of our new flavours and early bird offers. If you'd like to join us on our revolution to make superior sustenance convenient get in touch now. We're scouring our social networks for the best and bravest #devourandconquer.