Devour And Conquer Christmas


As we wind down for Christmas, our excitment is winding up! Adventures have been planned and epic challenges set. We've swapped beers (not all) for gears and soaps (all) for slopes. To run with old friends, cycle with family and swap stories around an open fire is the best gift any Christmas can bring.

Is there a better training session than the Christmas morning workout? Sadistically, we think not. That smug feeling as you sit down for the annual feast knowing you've earned it. Conquer it. Devour it.

Hannah and Tudor are taking on the Rapha Festive 500 so will be knocking up 50km before lunch. Kristian is planning on pounding the streets as he sets his sights on the Brighton Marathon whilst Carl will be found ankle deep in mud running around the around the Sugar Loaf getting some gold in the legs, for the Napolean Ultra.

We wish you all a carnivorous Christmas. May it bring you all the perspiration and inspiration you need to tackle 2017!