"My product makes people fat and happy"...


During the development of Fori bars I was obsessed with speaking to and learning from established food manufacturers. I spoke to everyone from artisan jerky producers to multi-national FMCG companies. I was completely paranoid by my lack of experience and driven by a thirst to make the best product I could. 

I remember one particular conversation fondly. After explaining the concept of the Fori bar, a rather perplexed gentlemen challenged me with three things:

  1. That his product made people fat and happy, but what does a Fori bar do?
  2. How could we possibly charge more per gram than a Lindt chocolate bar?
  3. That it was impossible to launch a food company with less than £500k

After a lengthy conversation about nutritional values, ethics and provenance we came to an agreement about the first two points, however we had to agree to disagree on the third. I'm in this for the long journey, not the fast buck. I also believe products worth finding will always be found. Thanks to the efforts of Tim Berners-Lee and social media, food start-ups have never been blessed with a greater opportunity to challenge the status quo.

However as I now know, food manufacturing is a complicated, skilled and extremely methodical process. So we've spent the last month here at Fori HQ revisiting the drawing board and re-investing every penny into larger equipment. We've still got a little way to go but we should be ready to help you devour and conquer again in the next few weeks.  We're in this for the long journey, not the fast buck, so you may need to bare with us at times but be rest assured we're producing the best product we can. We won't make you fat but we can help you feel happy!