We are by the very definition a lean start-up. We've introduced a new product to the market using nothing but hard graft, creativity and limited savings. With the intention of seeing what you thought (after all a "meat bar" is a novel concept) and refining things as we evolved.


However, the nice problem we now face is that you love Fori bars just as much as we do! The result being, that we can't keep up with demand. Unlike many food start-ups that outsource their production we do everything in house. This means that the same person who wrote this blog, is the same person that cleans the ovens, marinates the meat and does the accounts.

So what next? Well, we have put everything on the line and invested in bigger, better and faster equipment. We have new ovens arriving from Germany and a packaging machine from the UK that will increase our output dramatically, whilst making sure everything remains under the same roof and our beady eyes!


Over the next few weeks we will also be on the hunt for awesome people to join our team. So if you're an experienced food production manager, hard grafter and genuinely nice person we'd love to hear from you! However, be warned the hours will be long and the pay poor but hopefully you'll have the satisfaction of being with us at the start and reaping the rewards of what you sow.