Fori Wild Adventure


I was once told the best launch party is not to have one at all. Instead, slip in the side-door and quietly mingle amongst the crowd. How they were right.

The support and feedback we've had over the last week has been overwhelmingly positive. Had we tried to launch with a bang, I fear we may have imploded.

There is still plenty to do before our general release on August the 1st. However, the ticks are now in the majority on our daily task list. All lights are green and we've just had confirmation on a 6 month ambient shelf-life! So we thought we would embark on a little adventure.

FORI Wild Adventure

To mark the launch of the Fori Bar in August (and to have a break from the kitchen) we have decided to walk from Pen-y-fan to Snowdon tackling the three peaks and see a big chunk of this beautiful country while we are at it.

We are looking for suggestions for things to go and see along the way, waterfalls, woods, lakes and of course the occasional pub. Let us know your recommendations and if they are really good we will get you a sample bar sent out in the post!