The season for reflection and invention


If you've been ruminating on an idea for the past twelve months, give yourself the best present possible this Christmas and take timeout to put the proverbial wheels in motion. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you clear your mind and give yourself the precious commodity of time.

Launching Fori was the culmination of many years of thought and eighteen months of graft. However, on reflection that was the easy part, since August we've been on an unbelievable ride. Continually selling out of stock faster than we can make it.

So this Christmas we will be reflecting on the mistakes we made, the successes we had and how fortunate we are to be doing what we love. As for invention, plans are already afoot to drastically change the business. We have a major announcement to make early in 2016 that will hopefully transform our artisan business and shake up the market. Meaning "out of stock" will be a thing of the past and Fori bars will be available on the shelves of retailers throughout the land.

Don't make a New Years resolution. Make yourself. Roll the dice, you'll be surprised how far graft and tenacity will get you!