Our journey has just begUn. TO kick-start the revolution we'VE SLASHED THE PRICE OF OUR EXPLORER PACK TO just £8.00!



In a race to the bottom, consumed with greed and baffled by bulls**t, retailers have sacrificed nutrition for margin.

As a result, the UK now grazes on sugary snacks laden with fillers and E-numbers. We're sick (quite literally - diabetes, heart disease etc. is killing us) and things need to change.

So, we're here to shake things up! LET'S GET BACK to our carnivorous routes AND provide superior sustenance WITHOUT compromising on taste, nutrition or ethics.

JOIN US FOR £8.00 (RRP £11.96)

  • Get 4 bars of awesomeness - Just £2.00/bar!
  • 20G of complete protein/bar
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We've not spent six million years evolving to snack on fake food. Sports nutrition bars need to know their place (a clue is in the name!) and date based snacks masquerading as healthy are just disrespectful.

We're makers of the ULTIMATE snack. Fori bars are oven baked using the finest meat (yes you read correctly!), dried fruit and seeds to provide superior sustenance on-the-go. When you eat a Fori bar, you don’t need to read the ingredients list and question what's inside. We believe our ancestors got it right. We’ve hunted and gathered the best natural ingredients without compromise.

Fori bars are as versatile as you, they're great for pre or post workout snacking and an ideal accompaniment on an adventure or with a pint...